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Board Committees

The Board should contain independently minded directors. It should include an appropriate combination of executive directors, independent directors and non-independent non-executive directors to prevent one individual or a small group of individuals from dominating the Board’s decision taking. The Board should be of a size and level of diversity commensurate with the sophistication and scale of the organisation. Appropriate Board committees may be set up to assist the Board in the effective performance of its duties.

The Board of RHT Holding Ltd has attempted to create the right balance and composition in such a way as to best serve the Company. The Board has an appropriate mix of gender, experience, diversity and all directors wholly endorse the belief in diversity which is expressed both in the Board charter and in the code of ethics. The Board is a unitary board and is led by an independent director Mr. Paul Ah Leung. Only Board members attend each Board meeting for the duration with other officers of the company, advisors and other subject matter experts only attending on invitation for as long as it is deemed necessary by the Chairman. The use of alternate directors is discouraged. This is made possible by the careful drafting of the annual board calendar that is set out each year by the Chairman of the Board and with the assistance of the Company Secretary.