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Company Secretary

The critical role that the Company Secretary plays in ensuring the success of this Board is wholly acknowledged. The Company Secretary is appointed by the Board in accordance to its Constitution.

The Company Secretary for RHT Holding Ltd is Navitas Corporate Services Ltd. Navitas Corporate Services Ltd is a leading provider of corporate services for companies in Mauritius and offers an extensive range of management services to domestic and international companies ranging from small stand-alone and medium-sized companies to large companies listed on the Mauritian Stock Exchange. Navitas Corporate Services Ltd is a completely independent company with no attachment to any other conglomerate. Navitas Corporate Services Ltd is directed by a Board of directors comprised of professionals who value and take to heart every activity that they are involved on behalf of their clients. Being renowned for providing companies with corporate services, Navitas Corporate Services Ltd adheres to corporate governance principles to add value to its portfolio of clients.

The Board of RHT Holding Ltd is particularly served by Mrs. V Seetaram, the Operations Manager at Navitas Corporate Services Ltd.

Mrs. Seetaram has graduated from the University of Kent, UK in 2004 with a LLB (Hons) and has joined Navitas Corporate Services Ltd in 2013. With a career in the corporate and financial services in the domestic/global business sector, Mrs. Seetaram has gained extensive experience in the structuring and administration of a wide portfolio of clients including domestic companies, global business companies and trusts inter alia.

Mrs. Seetaram also acts as Company Secretary, on behalf of Navitas Corporate Services Ltd, to a full range of companies ranging from the small stand-alone to large conglomerates.

Reporting to the Chairman of the Board, the responsibilities of the Company Secretary are as follows:

  1. Provide the Board with guidance as to its duties, responsibilities and powers;
  2. Inform the Board of all legislation relevant to or affecting meetings of shareholders and directors and reporting at any meetings and the filing of any documents required of the company and any failure to comply with such legislation;
  3. Ensure that minutes of all meetings of shareholders and directors are properly recorded in accordance with paragraph 8 of the Fifth Schedule and paragraph 6 of the Eighth Schedule of the Companies Act 2001 (the “Act”) respectively as well as all statutory registers be properly maintained;
  4. Certify in the annual financial statements of the Company that the Company has filed with the Registrar all such returns as are required of the Company under the Act; and
  5. Ensure that a copy of the Company’s annual financial statements and where applicable the annual report is sent in accordance with sections 219 and 220 to every person entitled to such statements or report in terms of the Act.