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RHT Suppliers


Welcome to RHT Holding Ltd supplier/subcontractor relations website.

Using the site, you can register your interest to become one of RHT’s approved suppliers or subcontractors. The website can also be used by current and potential suppliers/subcontractors to update information on their product.

If you want to be categorized as a potential supplier/subcontractor we suggest that you access the following link: www.rht.mu to learn more about RHT Holding Ltd before beginning the registration process.

Upon Completion of the online supplier registration does not guarantee that your company will receive RFQs or POs/Subcontracts from RHT nor does it confer "Approved" status as an RHT supplier. It is the first step of a mandatory process for doing business with RHT. You may be contacted in accordance with our business needs.

It is your responsibility to keep your companies’ information up-to-date.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a RHT supplier and look forward to the possibility of working with you.


Registration Form


Use this form to register your company to become one of RHT's approved suppliers or subcontractors.


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