Information Technology
And Information IT Security

IT Policy and related expenditures

The Board of Directors realizes that in today’s era of technology, it is important to have a strategic alignment of information security with business strategy in order to achieve organizational goals. As such, the board ensures that appropriate resources are allocated for the implementation of an information and IT security framework within the organisation.

Moreover, all companies within the group have established a Risk Management Register to ascertain that risks are systematically identified and mitigated so as to minimize the potential impact on information resources.


The company is also embracing technological change and is having most of digital information hosted on the cloud. This is as part of the strategy to cater for the growth of the organization across multiple physical locations and to ensure business continuity. Furthermore, the company has implemented multiple security policies to ensure that data is safeguarded both within its premises as well as those hosted on the cloud including access rights granted only to authorized personnel, password expiry and complexity policy has been applied and backup process for digital information.

As part of the planning and budgeting exercise, all IT expenditures are identified. For all purchases of over Rs500,000, the company has setup a tender committee which is responsible for the evaluation and selection of the most appropriate supplier for the requested services and purchases.

During the past financial year, in line with our strategic objectives, the Company has embarked on several key IT projects.

First of all, with our growing business activities, the Company now has multiple offices and all the offices are have been inter connected through a secured VPN. This serves a back bone for inter company connectivity and has enabled the deployment of a centralized access control system.

Moreover, we have our migrated our ERP software to the cloud which will ensure better accessibility and uptime of the service. We have also recently started the implementation of a new HR software on the cloud. This will streamline the process of gathering employee attendance information and will greatly improve payroll processing time.