Faces of RHT Holding ltd

Board Of Directors

Mr. Paul Chung Kim Fung Ah Leung

Mr. Paul Ah Leung

Chairperson of Board of Directors and Non-Executive Director
Dr. Sidharth Sharma

Dr. Sidharth Sharma

Group CEO and Executive Director
Mr. Kamil Patel

Mr. Kamil Patel

Chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee and Independent Director
Mr. Uday Gujadhur

Mr. Gujadhur

Chairperson of the Corporate Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Independent Director

Mr. Stéphane Leal

Non-Executive Director
Mr. Ravindra Goburdhun

Mr. Ravindra Goburdhun

Executive Director
Mr. Yoosuf Mohamed Kureeman

Mr. Yoosuf Mohamed Kureeman

Non-Executive Director

Mrs. Desai

Non-Executive Director

Senior Management Team

Yudheesha Napaul Crouche

Mrs. Yudheesha Napaul-Crouche

Group Head of Human Resources – RHT Holding Ltd

Mr. Rajkomar

Group Chief Accountant RHT Holding Ltd

Mr. Abdool

Chief Innovation Officer – RHT Holding Ltd

Senior Executive Team


Reehaz Soobhany

Chief Operating Officer RHT Bus Services Ltd

Devarajen Adiapen

Procurement Manager RHT Bus Services Ltd

Ganesan Veeraragoo

Operations Manager Fleet Pro Services Ltd

Hussayn Baulum

Senior Lead/Trainer Advance Institute Of Motoring Ltd

Ashwin Ramchurn

Techinical Manager RHT HOLDING Ltd